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What is Abuse?


Warning Signs:

The following is a list to help you recognize if you or someone you love is in an unhealthy and/or dangerous relationship.

  • Verbal Abuse: Name calling, blaming, yelling, making humiliating remarks.

  • Pressure Tactics: Rushing you to make decisions through “Guilt Trips”, threatening to withhold money, manipulating the children.

  • Abusing Authority: Always claiming to be right, making decisions for you.

  • Disrespect: Interrupting, changing the subject, twisting your words, putting you down in front of other people.

  • Abusing Trust: Lying, withholding information, cheating on you, and being overly jealous.

  • Breaking Promises: not following through on agreements, refusing to help with the children and housework.

  • Emotional Withholding: Not expressing feelings, not giving support, attention or compliments.

  • Minimizing, Denying and Blaming: Making light of behavior, saying abuse didn’t happen, shifting responsibility for the abuse.

  • Economic Control: Not letting you work, refusing to give you or take your money, taking your car keys.

  • Self-Destructive Behavior: Abusing alcohol or drugs, threatening suicide or other forms of self harm.

  • Isolation: Making it difficult for you to see friends and family, monitoring your phone calls, telling you where you can and can not go.

  • Harassment, Stalking: Making uninvited visits or calls, follows you, checks up on you, and embarrasses you in public.

  • Intimidation: Making angry or threatening gestures, use of physical size, driving reckless.

  • Destruction: Destroying your possessions, punching walls, throwing things.

  • Threats: Making and or carrying out threats to hurt you or others.

  • Sexual Violence: Degrading treatment, using force, threats, or coercion to obtain sex or perform sex acts.

  • Physical Violence: Being violent to your children, pets, or others. Slapping, punching, grabbing, pushing, kicking, biting and burning, etc.

  • Weapons: Use of weapons, keeping weapons around to frighten you.

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