Due to the strong connection we have with our sponsors we were able to accept a check for $10,000 on behalf of TJ Maxx in recognizing the importance of supporting our children who unfortunately become bystanders of domestic violence.

Thanks to them we will be able offer Children the opportunity to: financially support them in following ways...

* taking classes in the arts, dance, robotics
   clubs, science clubs, STEM, etc..

* playing sports  (uniform & registration fees)

* participating in music programs (obtaining 

   a musical instrument, singing and music lessons)

* attending tutoring

* attending an after-school program

* attending summer camp

Domestic Violence effects us all but if we can help support families in needing a lending hand we can also help educate and provide opportunities to the younger generations.

A very special thanks to 

Timmy Brown Country for providing the amazing entertainment for our

H.U.G.S. II fundraiser for 2019!


We want to also thank all of our incredible sponsors, volunteers and attendees for making our last event such an overwhelming success!  We were able to raise close to $20,000!

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