Education and Prevention

Although the focus of the organization may seem to fall within the rescue and assistance of families in crisis, we spend quite a bit of time on community education and prevention programs.  Here is a brief over view of what we are doing to stop the cycle of abuse and to make Easton a safer place.


  • The Homework club and late bus for middle school students
  • Presentations on preventing dating/relationship violence and bullying.
  • Theatrical performances by Deana's fund such as "The Yellow Dress" for Oliver Ames High School students, "Remote Control" for Easton Middle School students and "Doing the Right Thing" for elementary students.
  • Classroom presentation on healthy and unhealthy relationships for Easton Middle School 8th grade health students
  • The White Ribbon campaign for high school students
  • Presentation for local employers and Sports Teams
  • Tolerance Poster Contests
  • Hero project
  • The Clothesline Project
  • The Monster Bully Show

Awareness Events and Fundraisers: