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What is Abuse?


Basic Safety Tips:


Be alert when leaving the courthouse.

If you have any reason to believe your abuser is waiting for you, go to the Court Advocate. Ask if someone (a police officer or court officer) can escort you to your car.

Inform the police of any guns/weapons the abuser keeps in the house.

Guns or weapons will be ordered turned over to the police by a judge.

Change the locks on your home.

If this is a hardship, a judge can order the abuser to turn over keys to your home (and your vehicle), or HUGS can pay for your locks to be changed.

Inform your neighbors if a 209A order is in place.

Encourage them to call the police if they see or suspect that something is wrong.

Program your cell phone with the local police departments phone numbers for work and home.

Set them up with a speed dial. When you are connected give them the best possible description of where you are calling from and that you need help. Keep your phone turned on at all times and charged completely.

Inspect your vehicle every time you enter your car.

Check your tires, look for fluids leaking and then check your gas gage before you leave. Always keep you doors locked. If you suspect someone is following you, drive to an open convenience store or attended gas station or the police station. Stay in your car with the doors locked and honk your horn until someone comes to help you.

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