EASTON H.U.G.S.  Help Us Get Safe

Annual Reports

The first H.U.G.S. chapter was created by Officer Cunningham of the East Bridgewater Police Department in 1996. In 1998, we began a chapter in Easton, called H.U.G.S. II, to offer the residents of our community the same opportunities and assistance the program has brought to numerous families in the East Bridgewater area. The executive board members, Easton’s Family Violence Task Force and countless volunteers, are responsible for taking a stand against domestic violence by bringing H.U.G.S. to our community.

Board Members

Stacey Klein Verde,  President
Janet Brown, Treasurer
Jenny Ventura, Secretary

Established in 1997, H.U.G.S. II, Inc is a local non-profit organization committed to eliminating family violence in Easton through awareness, prevention, education and early intervention. Staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers who live and work in the community, H.U.G.S. II is funded by grants and private donations. Identities of those who seek and receive assistance are held in the strictest confidence. Although our volunteers help in many different ways, they remain unaware of the names and addresses of residents who need support from our organization.

Individuals caught in an abusive relationship face overwhelming difficulties and must overcome tremendous obstacles to leave the situation. HUGS helps victims of domestic violence leave abusive environments and gives them the means to survive outside the relationship.

Who is H.U.G.S.?